We appreciate the profound interest in Procovery and all of the thoughtful submissions to Procovery Institute’s recent Art of Moving Forward Workshop contest — we have completed our review and selection process!

We are very happy to announce that, due to the incredibly enthusiastic response, we have decided to award not ONE, but THREE contest winners with the workshop of their choice!

CONGRATULATIONS to Pollyanne Hornbeck and Exodus Recovery, Inc., John Czernek and Long Beach Mental Health and Gail Sulser and San Pedro Mental Health!!!

Kathleen Crowley, Executive Director of Procovery Institute and creator of the Procovery Program, will be providing the chosen workshops (outlined below) to the winning agencies from June-August 2016:

Gathering Support — It is both a healing strategy and an objective in itself for individuals to be able to form the relationships they seek with others — service providers, colleagues, family, friends, romantic partners — in a manner that supports and promotes their healing. Even if you could do everything for yourself, why would you want to? This workshop helps to identify support desired, and ways to begin to seek it.

When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion. — Ethiopian proverb

Uncovering Hope — Without hope, motivation and inspiration are enormously difficult. With hope, motivation and inspiration can be just a short step. In this sense, hope is the engine of motivation and inspiration. This workshop seeks to increase hope, and inspire action, in the direction of your dreams.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. — Friedrich Nietzsche

We are very happy to provide these workshops and look forward to seeing many of you in attendance! If you are interested in learning more, please contact Procovery Institute and see below for descriptions of some of our most requested workshops.
The Role of Work in Healing — This workshop outlines key job strategies, both to find work and, equally as important, ways to continue to sustain healing strategies once employment has been secured.
Dissolving Stigma — Our Stories, Ourselves: An interactive workshop looking at stigma, and the most important stories of all — the ones we tell ourselves.

Community Integration — This workshop addresses the critical link between community integration and cultural diversity, and the power of embracing individual culture, strengths and preference to connect with others and, ultimately, to sustain healing.

Creating Change — This workshop helps to assess change desired, risk factors and ways to move forward.

Additionally, Procovery Institute can consult with you on a build-your-own workshop, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us at support@procovery.com to learn more!

Until next time…

Procovery Institute

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