At Procovery Institute, we have been working very hard. While most of our work has been behind the scenes and therefore we have not had as much contact with you all as we prefer,as we near the end of 2013, we would like to take a moment to profoundly thank all of you for your continued and much appreciated support and commitment to Procovery!
We never anticipated our internal planning process being as complicated, challenging or extensive it has been. But, as a result, we’ve created a strong foundation and implementation structure to ensure a seamless, integrated systematic implementation of Procovery.  We’ve also created associated standards, measures and controls, which ensure fidelity as well as continued evolution of the program. And, as you all know, with regard to Procovery, doing it right (i.e. fidelity) equals strong outcomes (i.e. quality)!
In addition to our comprehensive internal strategic planning, and development process this year, Procovery Institute is also pleased to have been able to—

Continue to provide licensing support to Procovery Facilitators and Circles across the state of MO, by offering our first ever TWO YEAR (July 1, 2013-June 30, 2015) licensing scholarship opportunity, through the Randy Stratt Building, Hope, Healing and Life Scholarship Fund.  These scholarships continue to support Procovery Circles initiated during the rural/urban pilot of Procovery with the truly inspiring and dedicated Facilitators trained and licensed by Procovery Institute. Click Here for link to an article outlining the implementation of Procovery in Missouri by Joseph Parks, MD, in Behavioral Healthcare Magazine.  
Continue to provide licensing support to Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, through South Bay Wellness Center, allowing the continuation of the wonderful Procovery Circle facilitated by Gary Gougis and Deanna King and supported by the wonderful Natasha Lewis-Mouton.  As Gary often updates us, “Procovery is alive and well at South Bay!” We love to hear this, and look forward to Procovery expanding across Los Angeles! Click here for a link to the Procovery iTunes channel – Click on podcast #23 for an interview with Gary Gougis and #17 for an interview with Natasha Lewis-Mouton!!
Continue to provide licensing support to Exodus Recovery in Los Angeles, and to Pollyanne Hornbeck, who was introduced to Procovery through Gary Gougis from South Bay MHC/South Bay Wellness Center. To watch a video clip of a conversation regarding Procovery reducing hospitalization and emergency room visits, click here. This video features Gary Gougis, Fred Lee, Natasha Lewis-Mouton, Dr. Israel Rubenstein, Deanna King and Pollyanne Hornbeck!
 Provide authorization for one time-use of one of Procovery Institute’s trademarks, Just Start Anywhere, Today®, to LACDMH, to serve as the theme for their 14th annual English Hope and Recovery Conference, Building Wellness, Just Start Anywhere, Today® in April 2013.
Provide presentation at LACDMH 14th annual English Hope and Recovery Conference, including the Just Start Anywhere® Interactive Exercise, which introduced our brand new Procovery Intention Cards™!
Provide a workshop at Los Angeles County Client Coalition 2nd annual Innovations in Recovery Conference – Developing Emotional Radar, Learning to Use Feelings as Fuel to Create the Life you Want by Kathleen Crowley with Catherine Bond. Catherine Bond is currently the Director of Empowerment and Advocacy for the County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health. Click here for a link to the Procovery iTunes channel – Click on podcast #19 for an interview with Catherine Bond!
Provide authorization and support for Nancy Bollinger, Executive Director of Self Help Center in Affton, Missouri to present at the DBSA 2013 National Conference, in Miami, Florida. Nancy has served as a Licensed Procovery Facilitator since 2006 and was recognized by the Procovery Institute as a Procovery Pioneer in 2008. We are so deeply appreciative of Nancy for representing us at this conference, and for her dedication to the program for the better part of a decade! Click here for a link to the Procovery iTunes channel – Click on podcast #24 for an interview with Nancy Bollinger!
Lastly, we have successfully created a baseline and template for our new program, The Art of Moving Forward™. We plan to broaden this new, innovative (and exciting!!) program’s pilot and test plans in 2014!
We sincerely wish you a joyous end of 2013, and a beautiful beginning to 2014!
Warmest regards,
Procovery Institute
“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”
-Rainer Maria Rilke