We are honored to be supported by powerful and passionate and dedicated people across the country. We are truly inspired by organizations across LA that keep on working, to change lives, and systems, despite often devastating cutbacks and increasing red tape. Some days, it can seem, that people are required to spend more time documenting care, than delivering it. We are inspired by and honored to know so many amazing people, striving for change.

Today we would like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on Mental Health America of Los Angeles. MHALA is an extraordinary and visionary organization here in Los Angeles. They have long been doing the hard work, asking the difficult questions and raising the bar of expectations, so to speak. MHALA has been consistently committed to change, even in an environment in which change can seem nearly impossible.

Today we will share audio clips from four different Procovery podcasts.  Each interviewee is discussing how they feel Procovery ties to health care reform or transformation, with the exception of Angelica, who talks about what initially attracted her to Procovery.

Please click on the individual names to hear each clip and be sure to visit our Procovery iTunes Channel to listen to the full interview podcasts, available for free download!

Catherine Bond, Former Assoc. Dir. & Training Coordinator at PRPSN, Current Vice Chair of the Los Angeles County Client Coalition

Angelica Garcia, Senior Program Manager, Project Return Peer Support Network

“The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”

–William James