We recently wrote about regret (in the March 29th blog post What Can We Do About the Past?) and how so many feelings can be tied to regret. One thing that is often associated is an inability, or unwillingness, to forgive……….ourselves.

We might regret things we did do, and often equally or more so, we might regret things we didn’t do. It’s so easy to find ourselves looking back, not liking what we see and feeling uncomfortable – about ourselves, our lives, etc.

And yet, in the context of the Procovery program, regrets can be seen as “wishing backwards” which is passive rather than active, because we cannot change one thing that has ever happened in the past.

But… what we can change is how we view the past. And one path for doing this is forgiveness.

We can learn to look at our past, learn from our past, but not get stuck in, or live in, our past.

AND if we can begin to find a way to forgive ourselves, we can sometimes make room, and find a way, to begin forgiving others…
“My life is full of mistakes. They’re like pebbles that make a good road.”

–Beatrice Wood