Procovery Prize Winner Alert!
We would like to congratulate Darrin Kissinger of Kansas City, MO as our Quote Unscramble Procovery Contest winner!
Darrin was the first to submit the correctly unscrambled quote by Helen De Rosis:
“When you put yourself wholeheartedly into something, energy grows. It seems inexhaustible.”

It was brought to our attention, by a wonderful friend of Procovery Institute, that there was a small typo in one of the words of the unscramble. We apologize for the typo and appreciate that our friend so graciously pointed out that we, too, are human. The word wholeheartedly was missing an “L” and we applaud all who correctly submitted, despite our oversight!
The Procovery prize basket (below) will ship out from our office in Los Angeles, CA tomorrow!

Procovery Prize for Contest Winner Darrin Kissinger of Kansas City, MO!

Included in the Procovery prize basket:

A portable CD player (batteries included!)
6 Songs of Procovery CD
Procovery Podcast Sampler CD
Procovery Journal and Pen
Procovery Pup
Procovery Mug with Hot Chocolate Packets
Believe Bookmark
We look forward to all of you participating again in the next contest and hope to see you back around the blog often!
Congratulations again, Darrin!
-Procovery Institute