What do you do that diminishes your hope? 

Do you go places, spend time with people or do things that lessen, or even crush, your hope? Sometimes we have habits that don’t serve us well, but we don’t realize it or we downplay the impact or we feel we don’t have the energy to do anything differently. Routine conversations, interactions with neighbors or co-workers, watching the news before you go to bed rather than reading a book that may inspire a good night’s sleep… Can you think of things you can do differently to create and preserve your hope and energy?

It can help to remember that hope sends ripples and it builds and even the smallest action taken now can have an impact today, and plant seeds for tomorrow!

“Hope, like some basic force of nature, seems to live stubbornly, if barely perceptibly, inside even the most depressed of us, waiting like some sleeping beauty for the faintest glimmer of light, the slightest sympathetic touch, to awaken it. We should cherish hope. “

– James Gordon, M.D.