Where do you feel most hopeful?

Is there a place, or type of place, that you find your spirits rise? Can you think of new places to go to see how you react and how you feel while you are there and after you leave?

Some people like going to a park, feeding the ducks and watching children laughing and running and playing. Some have (or find!) a religious or spiritual center that lifts them up. Some find that just being out and appreciating the beauty of nature in all of its beautiful forms, inspires them. Some people feel most hopeful while at home, alone, surrounded by their favorite books, art and personal treasures or collections. For some, the answer is being with other people, out in public or inspired by work and co-workers. Others find meditation or prayer takes them to the most high and hopeful places.

Where do you currently go, and what are some new places to try? Please take a moment to think on this and join the discussion!

“Great mother of big apples, it is a pretty world.”

-Kenneth Patcher