What happened? Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago, the nation was exhibiting a profound sense of hope that individually, and together, we could shift directions, make changes and strip ourselves of cynicism and the belief that we are too small and too powerless to make a difference?

A couple of years ago, across the country, we were all becoming inspired and beginning to feel that perhaps we could do something about the way things are. Many people felt there was reason to HOPE and that together we could achieve CHANGE.

And now, perhaps the most important first thing to consider about rekindling hope is why we should try. Why now?

For some people hope has a bad reputation, it’s seen as wavy and fluffy, hard to define or measure, not “scientific”.  Or it’s seen as a tool used to “sell” something, for instance something politicians might use as a smokescreen, a way to manipulate voters, a way of ignoring the reality of the current times.

Some people feel hope is all well and good, but only to a certain point, and sure, it’s nice enough to have it but it isn’t all that critical. We have much bigger fish to fry, right? We hear that hope isn’t necessary and it won’t help to solve many of the issues we’re all facing.

Well, don’t be so quick to discount the value of hope. Tomorrow we’ll take a moment to take a closer look.

Until then…