With tremendous sadness we must announce the passing of the most amazing human being we have ever known, Randy Stratt on October 7th, 2009. He was an extraordinary husband, father, son, brother, businessman, mentor and friend. He was also co-creator of the Procovery program and co-founder and Managing Director of Procovery Institute.

The hole Randy has left, in our hearts and our lives, is a huge, dark one and it will take time for all of us to heal. Randy had an extraordinary lifelong commitment to contributing to society and an unfailingly beautiful energy, focus and brilliance. I, Kathleen, will be spending the rest of my life seeking to honor his memory and his legacy, which will live on through his children, their spectacular partners, and through the Procovery program. 
A private cremation, with immediate family, was held in October, and a private family service is planned for later this year. There will be a public celebration of Randy’s beautiful life in the Fall of 2010. Randy accomplished an extraordinary amount in his life. He never stopped moving forward, setting his sights on the next place and doing whatever it took to get there. He was a father strongly committed to raising two happy, healthy and independent daughters and he took great pride in realizing this. He was an attorney who knew how to create win-win scenarios and was strongly committed to always doing so. He was the father of Procovery and laid a broad foundation and strategic plan for its wide expansion. And as my husband, he was the love of my universe… I will spend the rest of my days building his legacy and honoring his life. If you would like to help, I welcome you.
We all look forward to honoring Randy, through Procovery and our lives, every single day. He went through living hell, and yet he remained committed to moving forward, both personally, and with the Procovery program. He inspired us, he taught us more than we could have ever imagined. And he loved us with a fierce heart. 
“May you live all the days of your life.” – Jonathan Swift
And he most certainly did.
With profound love, respect and admiration for my sweetheart,
Kathleen Crowley Stratt