Randy received his first vaccine nearly two weeks ago, and receives his second one this week!
We can’t imagine a better fit for Randy, a cancer treatment that is personalized, individual, innovative and hopeful—a treatment that banks on the wonder and the individuality of the body! 

“I suspect that the body’s immune system is more intelligent than anything we could configure to recognize foreign cells or agents, and more effective than traditional treatments at leaving healthy cells alone.” – Dr. Linda Liau 
“It’s not just personalized medicine – it’s also personalized hope.” – Hank Zavaleta
In addition to this vaccine, Randy began a new additional treatment! We may just post a video or some photos so that you can see where we are now, on this path and walk along with us, if you want to!

Glory ipod

During this time, we have really been reminded, not just daily, but oh, maybe… every second of every day, of the power and beauty of Procovery. 
As always, we appreciate every wonderful wish and prayer and card and thought sent this way. We marvel, often, that we are amazed and in awe of how complex and challenging and painful this path is………………and yet, we have so much going for us, including work that makes our hearts sing, a family that is spectacular, health insurance that is a blessing, and so on.
And yet, it can be hard just to get through the day.  Imagine how challenging this path can be for people who don’t have these particular resources. THAT, we all agree, is one of the primary reasons we do (and live!) Procovery.
Until next time…