Day 17 – Making Hope a Priority!

What do you do to positively impact your feelings?

Sometimes feelings have a bad reputation, like change. People sometimes feel a victim of their feelings and view them as they do the weather. They come, they go, sometimes they are bright, sometimes not. But feelings can be powerful fuel!

You can actively create feelings rather than only responding to them! The Procovery Note™ below, from page 158 of The Power of Procovery in Healing, talks about this:

Create moods. Start your own running list of mood enhancers – specific books, movies, music, people, places, hobbies or specific actions, such as exercising, straightening up your place, wearing your favorite hat or scarf or helping someone else.

“What is changed by my feelings is not what is out there but what I think I and others may be able to do about them.”

–John Holt

What will you do today to create feelings rather than only respond to them?

Day 13 – Making Hope a Priority!

Where is hope when we don’t feel it?

Hope is always present even if we are not currently aware of it, can’t seem to see it or even feel it. It doesn’t need to be packaged in a particular way or even be constant, necessarily, for it to make an impact. It can be just a moment, a feeling of hope, and that feeling of hope can be brought forward into our lives to draw upon and use at our disposal. We can think of hope as money in the bank – store up on hope and use as necessary! When you are feeling down, do what you need to do to remind yourself that the “down” is just one of many feelings inside of you and that hope is also still inside of you. It is the same bright, beautiful world you felt it was the last time you were feeling hopeful.

“The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

-Marcel Proust