As we posted last week, Procovery Institute announced, months ago, The Art of Moving Forward™ workshop contest. One applicant would receive a Procovery workshop of their choice, held at their site! When it came time for Procovery Institute to make the selection, we found some of the applications so compelling that we felt unable to select one winner… So we selected THREE!

Yesterday was the second workshop, this one held at Long Beach Mental Health Center. John Czernek, Senior Community Worker, submitted an application on behalf of LBMHC and was at the door, welcoming us the moment we walked in!

John selected Uncovering Hope as his workshop of choice. Uncovering Hope is one in an extensive series of Art of Moving Forward™ workshops available from Procovery Institute. Kathleen Crowley, co-founder of Procovery Institute and co-creator of the Procovery program, and Acasia Stratt, Director of Operations at Procovery Institute, facilitated the workshop and were so inspired.

It was an interactive experience which included participant sharing, group and individual exercises, Kathleen’s thoughts, along with fun snacks and prizes. So many participants shared changes they would like to make in their lives, what gives them hope AND what takes it away. In this workshop, we discussed protecting hope, which can so easily be trampled on, and we discussed the cycle of how hope leads to motivation, which in turn leads to action, which then leads to change. Change feeds hope, so the cycle can begin small and slow, but become a powerful force for creating the life we want.

Participants shared hopeful statements, and one in particular was reminiscent of one of our favorite quotes here at Procovery Institute:

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. — Leonard Cohen

After the workshop, John shared the following  —

Inspiring and my clients really enjoyed it. Looking forward to future workshops and trainings!

Stay tuned for news on upcoming Procovery opportunities!

Until next week, where we will be Gathering Support at Exodus Recovery…

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