“What strikes me about Procovery is its steadfast focus on the future and how people need to take responsibility for their own wellness. As such, I think Procovery has the potential to be a major force in the healthcare reform efforts of people with severe and persistent mental illnesses and the providers who serve them. We’re all looking for a way to encourage people to make changes in their lives and I think Procovery is one of the best tools available to actually do that.”Dave Pilon, Ph.D., President and CEO, Mental Health America of Los Angeles

Procovery Institute is honored to be able to serve as a change agent, not only for profoundly inspiring Procovery Circle participants who consistently create changes that they, and nearly everyone around them, never thought they would or could make, but we are equally honored to serve as a change agent for providers, agencies and communities, also struggling amidst an ever changing sea of devastating cutbacks, increased demand and diminishing resources.

Joseph Parks, MD, in Behavioral Healthcare magazine outlines MO’s experience with an urban/rural implementation pilot of Procovery, and cites seven specific components essential to recovery programming – all of which he directly relates to Procovery components.*

The 7 essential components he identifies as essential to recovery programming.

· Specificity

· Application across diagnoses, including behavioral and physical

· Staff training

· Application across a spectrum of settings, cultures, and stakeholders

· Fidelity and accountability

· Complementary, not competitive, to existing services and programs.

· Change agent 

Dr. Parks addresses the need for “recovery implementation to have both the substance and form to serve as a change agent to lead agencies, providers, and stakeholders to do business differently.”

Dr. Parks attributes Procovery with the ability to serve as a change agent and quotes Peter M. Senge “[often] new insights fail to get put into practice because they conflict with deeply held internal images of how the world works, images that limit us to familiar ways of thinking and acting.” 

Procovery Institute has been studying change for over fifteen years and one of the things we observe time and again is how times of extreme challenge and crisis can serve as catalysts and, in essence, springboard individuals, agencies and communities to change.

Procovery Institute is currently finalizing planning and assessment for our next phased expansion.

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