There are as many paths to healing, as there are to illness. What is your path? It is surely different from anyone else’s in that you will start where you are, head in the direction of your choice, dreams and vision and you will make different choices and utilize different resources along the way…

Often, when faced with a serious challenge or difficulty, we can feel we are not strong enough to do what we need to do to get through the crisis. Many times it can feel especially challenging to try to determine how we can keep doing everything we were already doing AND add in the hard work of healing.

But that’s just it – often challenges are “dangerous opportunities” and one of the real benefits can be to STOP doing everything we were doing, and begin doing something different. Below is an excerpt from Procovery Institute’s Certificate of Empowerment:

As bearer of this certificate you are no longer required to depend on the advice of experts. You may step back and view the entire world—not just your home, neighborhood or town, but the whole Earth—as a Procovery oriented learning experience, a laboratory containing medicines, therapies, strategies, sources of support, ways to heal and to grow, and ideas without end. Although collections of these treasures have been located in hospitals and clinics for your convenience, they are to be found in prayer, bubble baths, animals, sunsets, snowfall, romance, music, art, mathematics, physics, engineering, foods, and everywhere else, too. 

Expanding our view of healing places, people and things can make all of the difference. You have incredible power and potential and must keep in mind that finding ways to continually inspire yourself for the very hard work of healing can be as critical to your healing process as anything else that you do.

Today we will leave you with an excerpt from Los Angeles-based musician Wes Poland’s contribution to Procovery Institute’s MUSIC HEALS video project:

About 3 years ago I got clean and sober from alcohol and drug addiction. Going through that in my own life and kind of hitting rock bottom and realizing “okay, what am I meant to do in this life…” and looking for some sort of purpose, I turn to music, immediately… As stuff comes up, rather than turn to drugs and alcohol to damper the feelings, I’m able to use music to express those feelings and get them out and deal with them in a good, healthy way. 

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