As we recently mentioned, we found ourselves drawn to two additional entries in our Procovery Guest Blogger contest and while we were planning for just one winner, during the review process, we felt the need to create Honorable Mention spots on our blog to shine a spotlight on some inspiring individuals who shared so deeply with us. This week’s Honorable Mention is Mary Catherine Booth of St. Louis, Missouri! Mary has dedicated the following poem to Procovery Circle Facilitator Millie Fortune-Gilpin, also of St. Louis, Missouri.

Basic Procovery Brewing Steps
1. Choose Procovery Just Start Anywhere
     2. Add Hope
         3. Measure Looking Forward
             4. Show up and be a part of your Procovery Circle
A cup of Procovery shared with friends is….
      Happiness and Hope… tasted!
            Time well spent
                If you’ll excuse me I’m going to have another cup of Procovery
I have measured out my life with Procovery spoons
     A cup of Procovery one sip at a time
          Nothing like a good cup of Procovery in the morning
               Makes me want to get up
                    Awakens me makes me feel good and ready
                           Hopeful for the day to come
                                Nothing can really be said after the first sip
                                     but a quiet utter of “mmmmmm”
A cup of Procovery today
      It’s awesome to smell the hope would yah?
             Procovery it is a food group
                  My favorite kind of bean (being)
                         It’s not a beverage
                                It’s a moment of pleasure and looking forward
       An aroma that fills the room with warming
             Brewing gently
                 Steady of hope
                            And calm.
                                Friends to gather
                                             Hoping together
                                          Bonded by each cup
                                      The tenderness of solitude
                                  With a good Procovery book
                           As I take the first sip
                      Of the first cup
                 I drink up
             And share the hope of Procovery
         Coming from a slurp of clarity
      I realize again that I am blessed to share this cup with such a friend.
   Best mixed with friendship and simple conversation
Warmed with compassion
     A few drips of Procovery
           It’s amazing what it can do
               Smiling, laughing, relaxing, knowing, believing, remembering
                      And most important of all FEELING.
I went to perk a pot of Procovery and it perked up my life
    Procovery much more than a flavor, roast, or aroma
        It’s a way of life.
            To share this cup with such a friend…. is life itself.
                 I need my cup of Procovery to set me free
                      And awaken me once again.

— Mary Catherine Booth*

*Mary Catherine Booth, with her Basic Procovery Brewing Steps blog submission, is one of two Honorable Mention winners of Procovery Institute’s Procovery Guest Blogger contest! Mary will receive a Have a cup of Procovery today! mug as a prize for her Honorable Mention entry. Thank you Mary for inspiring us all with your creativity and your passion. Congratulations!