Today is a special day to us all here at Procovery Institute, and within our families, as it marks the birth of the amazing Randy Stratt! Today is his 55th birthday and we are all remembering, missing and celebrating the wonder of Randy…
Randy A. Stratt
May 9, 1956-October 7, 2009
While it’s sometimes very difficult to accept that Randy can’t physically be here to celebrate with us, we also know that one of the most important things we can do for ourselves in our own lives, as well as for Randy’s memory, and most certainly in his honor, is to continue celebrating. Randy was a wonderful example, teacher and mentor to so many of us – he taught us how to celebrate and value life.
In honor of Randy, as he was one of the most productive and visionary people we’ve known, we’ve dedicated today to making something happen!
Randy accomplished so much — both in his personal life and his work life. He was a beautiful and powerful force, and he left an extraordinary foundation, both personally for his family, and professionally for the next, exciting stage and evolution of Procovery. We hope you might take a moment this week, in his honor and spirit, both to remember Randy, and also to truly recognize the potential and wonder of you and to make something happen, even something small… There’s never been a better day, let’s make something happen!
Just Start Anywhere. Today!
Until next time…
Procovery Institute