There is a lot of talk about how we can no longer afford to keep doing the same thing – that individuals, counties, states, and the nation, are in debt. That we are living beyond our means, spending money we don’t have, with no end in sight. But there can’t be an end in sight if we just keep doing the same thing and wishing for different results.
So…let’s begin doing something differently – not just wishing, or hoping, for different results.
Let’s begin CONTRACTING for different results. Let’s begin DEMANDING outcomes, contractually, that are therapeutically AND economically a win.
For so long it seemed that people felt they couldn’t measure what really mattered. So, what did they do?
Measure what didn’t.
Let’s begin measuring, expecting and contracting for healing outcomes.
And then?
Let’s hold agencies and people ACCOUNTABLE.
We don’t need to utilize a “tear down” or replacement approach to do this.
We can, in essence, retrain and rebuild and re-inspire current agencies and workforce. Remind them of what they set out to do in the first place. Remind them of the passion and vision that set them on their path and then provide the tools for them to do what they set out to do.
To quote Joseph Parks, MD.*
“In institutionalizing a program across diverse stakeholders, agencies, and settings, we must not just ask providers to implement programs. We must also provide tools to enable them to ensure fidelity and, ultimately, accountability to those they are seeking to serve.”

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