“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”
 –Victor Borge
Laughter makes us feel good. Laughter is contagious. Let’s let it in today… even for just a moment.
 Dr. Bernie Siegel notes in Love, Medicine and Miracles, “There are sound, scientific reasons why we call robust unrestrained laughter ‘hearty.” It produces complete, relaxed action of the diaphragm, exercising the lungs, increasing the blood’s oxygen level, and gently toning the entire cardiovascular system. Norman Cousins termed it ‘internal jogging,’ and others have likened it to a deep massage.”
What makes you laugh? Maybe a partner, friend, co-worker, child or pet? Maybe a stand up comedy show or a favorite memory? If we focus on what makes us laugh we will do so more and more until it becomes a frequent occurrence that lifts our moods and increases our energy and well-being.
What will you do to laugh today?