Imagine if for the next month, or week, or even day, you embarked on a hope scavenger hunt. Imagine if every time you ate anything at all, you took a moment and thought about hope. Every time you got in to bed, you thought about hope. Each morning when you wake up, you take an extra moment and you think about hope…  Hope in the shower, hope while you are commuting, hope while drinking your coffee or during your morning run… hope, hope, hope. Imagine if you carried post-its with you so you could make note of things that come to mind, serving as a way of reminding you and of tracking your thoughts, feelings and observations about hope.

Imagine if you make a conscious effort to have at least one communication every day with someone who makes you feel hopeful. Imagine if you make it a point to eliminate or at least minimize communications with people who drain your hope.

Tomorrow we will begin posting one question per blog and we invite and encourage you to think about, discuss and comment in the hopes that we can all begin to understand what inspires hope within us and what can motivate us to take more hopeful actions on a daily basis. Remember, hope begets hope!