Randy A. Stratt
May 9, 1956 – October 7, 2009

To all of our much loved friends and supporters,

We have all so very much missed Randy, co-founder of Procovery Institute and co-creator of Procovery, in this last year. We have honored the amazing man he was (and still is to us all, despite his physical absence) in both small and large ways in the last year, and we will continue to find ways to honor him, always.

Next spring we will be holding a Celebration of Randy as it would have been his 55th birthday. Today, in his honor, we are releasing a Procovery song, A New Way Home.

A New Way Home is a song about Creating Change, the fifth strategy of Procovery, but more specifically it is a song about finding a new way of doing things, ending negative cycles, taking action and moving forward—all components that can support Creating Change!

Thank you all for your continued interest in and support of Procovery. And, very importantly, for your love and support during a very dark time. We are moving forward, together, with all of you and in Randy’s honor. We look forward to you all learning about (and seeing!) our next phased expansion of Procovery.

Let’s all take a moment to remember some of our favorite things about Randy and to thank him for his enormous contributions to our lives through his co-creation of Procovery, his brilliant mind, his unmatched dedication to productivity, and his genuine smile and laughter that were much cherished by all. Let’s all toast in his honor, together… TO RANDY!!!

With love,

Your friends at Procovery Institute

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A New Way Home