Hello All!

Today is the first in our new podcast series, Conversations Across the Nation, with our first interview featuring A. Kathryn Power, Director, CMHS, SAMHSA!

We currently have three ongoing podcast series available for listening at www.procovery.com/podcasts or by clicking the Audio tab on the Procovery website:

Show-Me Procovery
Interviews with Missouri Procovery Circle Facilitators! 

Spotlight on LA County
Interviews with inspiring individuals across Los Angeles County!

Conversations Across the Nation
Interviews with individuals dedicating their lives to making inspiring and profound changes across the nation!

Stay tuned as a new podcast will be uploaded weekly (barring holiday observances, etc.) and once a series has been completed, a CD of all podcasts from the series will be created. Podcasts will soon be available from iTunes as well!

Have a great week everyone!

Until next time…