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We posted a new Procovery Podcast as a part of our Missouri Procovery Podcast series! This compelling interview is with Procovery Circle Facilitator Stephanie Schmidt from Peter and Paul in St. Louis, Missouri. We greatly appreciate Stephanie taking the time to share her profound experience and insight with us.

Each podcast in our current series is highlighting a different setting and/or stakeholder group and this podcast is focused on HIV, serious addiction and homelessness and the powerful impact Procovery has across this spectrum.
We hope you will take a few moments to listen to prior podcasts in the Missouri series with other inspiring Procovery Circle Facilitators Dr. Amanda Murphy of the Amanda Luckett Murphy Hopewell Center in St. Louis, Mark Sunde of ReDiscover Mental Health in Kansas City, Susan Scott of Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains and Karleen Blake of St. Luke’s Northland in Smithville. Please remember to pass the link below along to friends, family and colleagues.
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