Hello Everyone!

I wanted to let you know that we have a couple of new additions to the website today and we wanted to share them with you:

-Our MP3 player is up and running! Please visit the Music page to listen to our first of currently EIGHT Procovery songs, Just Start Anywhere! To learn more about the Procovery song, Just Start Anywhere, please visit the Podcasts page and listen to Procovery Podcasts #1 and 2!

-We have started a new Podcast series! Please visit the Podcasts page to listen to the 1st in our new series – Procovery: Through My Eyes. This series will be an ongoing, but occasional, addition to the current Procovery podcasts. The Through My Eyes series will consist of interviews with individuals who have real life experience with Procovery. It will be a snapshot into Procovery, seen through their eyes. This Podcast features Mickie McDowell, Procovery Circle Facilitator and Forum Facilitator currently working in the state of Missouri.

As always, please stay tuned for new updates and additions to the site, including new songs, podcasts, quotes and blogs… all are coming soon! We greatly value your feedback and very much appreciate hearing from all of you and regret if we are unable to send a response. We are hoping that more and more of your questions will be answered on the FAQs page… As always, feel free to contact us by visiting the Contact Us page… and have a wonderful day!

-Acasia, Procovery Program Manager