We have decided to do something new and different for Procovery Institute… something that we hope will serve to both reach out to all of you and to serve as an informal connection for all of us. Some days we may post a blog entry from one of us here at Procovery Institute, some
days it will be a quote, a thought of the day or even a photo that we find inspiring or hopeful and would like to share with you all. This blog will be an experience unlike our tested program materials – the books, cards, music, etc. This will be more spontaneous, informal and immediate. We are happy to be able to connect with you all in a real and informal way and look forward to many blog posts to come! We may not post an entry every day, it may be once a week, on occasion even once a month… but please know, we always appreciate your input, your comments and your thoughts and we hope you enjoy and appreciate ours!

Procovery Program Manager and Amateur Blogger!

Barbie: Mermaidia move