Recently one of the heartfelt comments on one of our blog entries inspired me to write about regret. Regret can weigh so heavily on us, nearly paralyze us at times, and can so negatively impact and color our lives, that, in essence, we get stuck in the past. And yet… there is not one thing we can do to change the past.

Click here to hear Stephanie Schmidt, an inspiring Procovery Circle Facilitator in St. Louis, MO speak about this.

In essence what we can do is to look at the past, learn from the past, but not LIVE in the past. Instead, live today, right now, this moment. And in doing so, we plant the much needed seeds for growth and change. By living in the moment and being truly present we can honor “mistakes” we have made by learning from them, by not repeating them and by being different now because of them.

Letting go of regret and getting unstuck can be so very difficult. It can feel overwhelmingly complicated at times, and very heavy and sad. But by learning to let go and by living today, we can honor yesterday and contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

“The best revenge is living well.”

–The Talmud